Slide I highly recommend Paige
  from the Dublin Lice Nanny!

    She was very nice and
        amazingly efficient.
" " - Kurt B.
Slide We had a great experience with Erin.
 She put our mind at ease,
and helped us through a challenging situation.
    Her treatment was effective,
and she was extremely pleasant.
                      Highly recommend.
" " - Ning Y.
Slide Paige was so helpful to my family.
My daughters first treatment failed
the doctor prescribed method
  and Erin fixed her right up!
                   She is lice free!
" " - Amy M.

How We're Different:

  • Non-toxic lice removal formula developed by an award winning pharmacist
  • No gimmicks, no unnecessary products sold
  • Lowest cost lice removal in the area
  • Fast, friendly, discrete and highly experienced
  • Kind and Caring environment
  • Parent, Pediatrician and Teacher Approved
  • Same Day appointments
  • Next Day readmittance to school (”lice free” certificates provided)

100% Guarantee – we guarantee that you will be lice free following our lice removal plan,
or we will take care of you for free

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