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Why Lice Nannies USA

Lice Nannies USA is dedicated to cost-effective, fast, and non-toxic lice removal - in a friendly and caring environment

  • 100% Guarantee that your lice will be removed
  • High value (most effective and lowest cost treatment in the area)
  • Non-toxic products that are 100% effective on super lice
  • Admitted to school next day (in most school districts)
  • Trusted by parents, teachers and pediatricians

We take the stress out of your lice mess

Client Testimonials

  • Ning Y
    We had a great experience with Erin. She put our mind at ease, and helped us through a challenging situation. Her treatment was effective, and she was extremely pleasant. Highly recommend.
    Ning Y
  • Elizabeth M
    Erin is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, and so kind. I am confident that she knows what she is talking about (has the research to back it up). More...
    Elizabeth M
  • Julie S
    Very helpful. Paige was competent, friendly, calm, very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. She knew exactly what to do for our entire family and made the process easy. More...
    Julie S
  • Janet B
    I highly recommend Erin to anyone who encounters the dreaded lice...I have even passed her name on to our school to share with families. More...
    Janet B
  • Kurt B
    I highly recommend Paige from the Dublin Lice Nanny! She was very nice and amazingly efficient. More...
    Kurt B