The Facts of Lice

Questions About Lice

1What are lice?
The adult louse is about the size of a sesame seed, has 6 legs (each with claws for grabbing the hair), and is tannish color. Contrary to popular belief, lice and their eggs are not white! Lice don’t hop or fly, and they spend their entire life on the human head and feed on blood from the scalp.
2Do I have to clean my house?
Lice live on your head, NOT on your couch, hats, pillows, etc. Scientists know that the minute a louse leaves the warmth of your hair for an inanimate object such as a couch or blanket, they quickly go into shock and start dying from the temperature change.

It can take up to 24 hours for the louse to die completely, but during that time they are not well and unable to start feeding & reproducing on a new scalp. This means minimal housecleaning is all that is needed.

We suggest simply washing and drying sheets and pillow cases (the dryer is very effective at killing lice) and sterilizing your combs and brushes with the Comb Cleaner! ™

Remember, it’s highly unlikely that anyone can contract lice from a couch, chair, hat, etc. Scientists who study lice are very certain that 99% of lice is contracted from head-to-head contact.
3How did we get lice?
Your child most likely contracted lice from head-to-head contact with another infected child. The lice are then typically shared with other family members through snuggling. You will most likely never know exactly who gave it to your child, as lice is incredibly common in children age 11 and younger.
4How long have we had lice?
The average person does not notice until 4-6 weeks after infection. Additionally, it takes this long for the person to develop an allergic reaction to the saliva of the bugs and begin itching.
5Can my dog get lice?
No. Lice is species specific and only lives on the human head.
6Do I need to spray my furniture?
The leading lice experts in the US are very clear that it is never necessary or advised to treat any inanimate objects in your home. Lice live on your head, not your carpet, couch or car. Suggestions to spray anything in your house should be met with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Questions About Lice Nannies USA

1Why is Lice Nannies USA’s method so effective?
Our non-toxic, proprietary oil blend was developed for Lice Nannies USA, by a Doctor of Pharmacy. Our lice elimination method is the most effective out there.
2Why is your service so much cheaper than the centers that use a heat device?
While centers that use heat charge $160-$200 per head, they also ask people to use a similar oil to ours. This is because the ultimate lice removal method involves oiling and repeating. Both methods do a great job of eliminating lice, ours is simply significantly cheaper. Also, the heat method is not recommended for children age 4 or younger.
3Why don’t you guarantee that you will remove every dead nit/egg?
Our method does NOT require removing every single nit or egg in order to be highly effective, but we do remove the vast majority of the dead nits for esthetic reasons. The Lice Nannies USA method is 98% effective because of three factors:

1. Our Lice Free in a Snap ™ oil is developed by a Doctor of Pharmacy specifically for Lice Nannies USA, and it is extremely lethal to eggs and lice.
2. Wet combing on days 3 and 5 provides further effectiveness, as this removes any remaining eggs/nits.
3. The second oil application is the final lethal blow to any remaining eggs or bugs. Lice Nannies USA has treated thousands of people, and this method works. EVERY time. We guarantee it.

Who should I notify?

1Do I have to notify my school?
This is a personal preference. You are under no legal or moral obligation to notify your school. If you are confident that they will handle this information confidentially and not cause any undue embarrassment to your child, then you should notify the school.
2Should I notify my child’s friends/close family?
Anyone who has had head-to-head contact with your child should be notified. This would include: grandparents, nannies/babysitters, friends from sleepovers, etc.
3Can my child return to school the same day?
Yes! You will be lice free and non-contagious after your Day 1 application. You will need to go home and wash out the oil and then you can resume your typical day. For those treated in our center, Lice Nannies USA provides “Lice Free” certificates for your child to take to the nurse.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns, so please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone (614) 526-9194 or e-mail:

Client Testimonials

  • Ning Y
    We had a great experience with Erin. She put our mind at ease, and helped us through a challenging situation. Her treatment was effective, and she was extremely pleasant. Highly recommend.
    Ning Y
  • Elizabeth M
    Erin is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, and so kind. I am confident that she knows what she is talking about (has the research to back it up). More...
    Elizabeth M
  • Julie S
    Very helpful. Paige was competent, friendly, calm, very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. She knew exactly what to do for our entire family and made the process easy. More...
    Julie S
  • Janet B
    I highly recommend Erin to anyone who encounters the dreaded lice...I have even passed her name on to our school to share with families. More...
    Janet B
  • Kurt B
    I highly recommend Paige from the Dublin Lice Nanny! She was very nice and amazingly efficient. More...
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