We are OPEN and will be taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Customers will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the appointment - please arrive with your mask in place.
  • Please plan to wash or sanitize hands upon arrival.
  • Families/groups will need to make arrangements so that only one customer is in the treatment center at a time
  • A small child may be accompanied by one adult, but only with appropriate social distancing.
  • We will strive to maximize air flow to reduce risk - please be aware this could mean open doors and/or windows during treatment.
  • Appointment spacing will allow for proper disinfection measures between customers
    Peoria Lice Nannies offers cure, comfort for frantic parents

    The Peoria Lice Nannies

    Lowest-Cost, Lice Remover in Peoria

    • 100% lice free guarantee
    • Scientifically proven, non-toxic treatment method
    • Readmission to school the next day
    • Expense can be submitted to HSA/FSA
    New business opens to defeat lice

    Why choose The Peoria Lice Nannies?


    Ashley Coulter


    Ashley's background.....
    Ashley has worked as a logistics manager for over 10 years and enjoys the pace and challenges that come with logistics leadership. Ashley has two young children and is excited to be a part of Lice Nannies USA, a business that allows for a great balance and even integration between work and family. Ashley lives in the country and enjoys spending her spare time with her children. She loves music, plays the piano, and in rare moments of free time, relishes a good book or a weekend of travel.

    Personal Motto

    Ashley's Personal Motto...
    Be nice and tell the truth: simple building blocks for success in any setting.

    Why Lice

    Ashley's reason...
    My family once experienced lice firsthand, and having no experience at the time, I remember very well the shock and alarm that came with the discovery. I know many others go through the same reactions every day. I love the idea of being able to provide a safe, effective solution in a friendly, compassionate setting. Beyond solving a problem, there’s an opportunity to provide education and calm in the eye of someone’s personal storm, and I find motivation in being able to share that support.



    Lice Removal is provided at the Peoria Lice Nannies' Lice Removal Center at:
    200 N 2nd, Unit #1
    Dunlap, IL 61525

    • $40.00 head check (for up to four people). This fee will be waived for anyone with active lice.
    • $120 first head with active lice
    • $100 each additional head with active lice

    **If no evidence of lice is found, you incur no charges beyond the $40 head check fee.