As a precaution and based on CDC recommendations, the Nit Nurses request that masks be worn by anyone visiting the lice center. Thank you for your understanding!


The Nit Nurses, LLC

Lowest-Cost, Lice Remover in Putnam County

  • 100% lice free guarantee
  • Scientifically proven, non-toxic treatment method
  • Readmission to school the next day
  • Expense can be submitted to HSA/FSA

Why choose The Nit Nurses LLC?

About The Nit Nurses, LLC


About Beth Niese
I am married and a mother of 4. Wyatt 18, Avelyn 9, Lily 7, and Liam 6. I have worked in healthcare since I was 16. I started out as a nursing assistant and obtained my RN when I was 24 years old. I started out in ICU step down and landed a job in surgery. I have been a surgical nurse for 12 years. I advanced my degree to BSN to recently graduating with my MSN in nursing education May 2021. I teach first semester nursing clinicals for a local community college. I am excited about my Nit Nurses business to help my community with the frustrating communicable infestions of lice.

Why lice?
Growing up I was infected with a lice infestation in 7th grade. I remember the frustration, anxiety, and stress my mom encountered and the hours and hours of her combing through my hair. I still remember the smell of the over-the-counter chemical treatments and being in tears because my mom would find lice in my hair after treatments. It took approximately 6 months to finally get rid of my lice.
Two years ago my kids came home with lice so instantly I had a panic attack and flashbacks. As a nurse, I utilized research to find the best way to treat lice infestation and found Lice Nannies USA. I called them and I was able to quickly get an appointment. They were very nice and understanding and treated my whole family of 6 in less than an hour. My kids received a certificate to go back to school the next day. I was in disbelief this was going to work but to my amazement, my kids were lice-free after following the guidance from Lice Nannies USA. I was so impressed that I wanted to join in on this experience to be a Nit Nurse for my area. Thanks to the training and knowledge of Erin Sheen from Dublin Lice Nannies I am now ready to treat Putnam County Ohio and surrounding areas for Lice.

You want to be sure it is done right the first time. Dealing with an infestation of head lice can be overwhelming, but choosing the best lice treatment option for your family does not need to be. The Nit Nurses LLC helps families like yours everyday with the eradication of head lice. Same Day appointments! We will get your child readmitted back into school the very next day. GUARANTEED.

We will save you time, money and lots of frustration. You will have the security and peace of mind knowing that your family is being treated by a trained professional who is dedicated to helping you and giving you the education that you need to prevent re-infestation. We provide Privacy, Comfort and Convenience of lice treatment ...Guaranteed. The WNC Nit Nanny's friendly, discreet, highly experienced lice treatment specialist will provide a quick and stress-free treatment of you and your family.

*** We provide "lice free" certificates directly to your school, to ensure your child can return to school the very next day.

We know how to get rid of lice naturally, without the use of pesticides. Our lice removal products include no toxic ingredients.

100% Success Guarantee-We guarantee that you will be lice free after following our lice removal plan or we will take care of you for free!